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Now Playing: Wild Nights with Emily
Director: Madeleine Olnek|Starring: Molly Shannon, Susan Ziegler|Rating: PG-13

In the mid-19th century, Emily Dickinson is writing prolifically, baking gingerbread, and enjoying a passionate, lifelong romantic relationship with another woman, her friend and sister-in-law. She finds herself facing a troupe of literary gatekeepers too confused by her genius to take her work seriously and soon attracts the attention of an ambitious woman editor.

Showtimes through Week #1:
Friday, April 19th - Thursday, April 25th

Fri » 2:25   4:20   6:15   8:00 Mon » 5:10   7:00
Sat » 2:25   4:20   6:15   8:00 Tue » 5:10   7:00
Sun » 2:25   4:20   6:15 Wed » 2:30   5:10   7:00
s"" Thu » 5:10   7:00

Official Site|Length: 85 Mins|Language: English|Subtitles: None|Tickets
Now Playing: Wild Nights with Emily

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